DoorDash Case Study

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23 Below Media partnered with DoorDash to increase brand awareness in Los Angeles. LA already had a well established on-demand food delivery industry with players far more recognizable. DoorDash’s objective was to combat its competitors to generate brand awareness and gain market share.


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Geographic Footprint: Focused on Westside LA which increased campaign reach & frequency

Maximize Budget: Leveraged our vendor relationships to secure inventory well below market value

Media Strategy: Used a mix of formats including transit, bulletins and lifestyle venues to reach the target audience at multiple points throughout their day



Brand Awareness:  The campaign generated over 33 million impressions

Added Value: Negotiated with vendors to extend the campaign by 2-weeks at no additional cost

Customer Acquisition: DoorDash’s website saw an uptick of traffic which resulted in more orders

Grew Restaurant Partnerships: Recruited new restaurants to be part of the DoorDash family