UNTUCKit Case Study

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23 Below Media has been leading UNTUCKit’s Out-of-Home advertising efforts since 2015. Throughout our four year partnership, we have successfully executed over 40 individual advertising campaigns. In 2017, UNTUCKit opened 25 brick and mortar locations across 15 US markets. We were asked to develop an OOH campaign within individual store restrictive budgetary parameters to drive awareness and bring foot traffic to those new stores.


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Strategy: Developed market & venue specific integrated OOH media strategies

Leverage Relationships: Worked with vendors to maximize individual store budgetary confinements

Targeted Inventory: Drove traffic to individual stores; used high-impact media to create awareness

Digital Focused: Utilized digital OOH to showcase UNTUCKit’s evolving men’s & women’s clothing lines


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$500,000 Saved:  Leveraged vendor relationships to negotiate extended & additional ad placements

Increased Revenue: Stores using OOH reported higher earnings compared to those without OOH

40+ Active Campaigns: We continue to launch campaigns to support nationwide new store openings