New York City - NYC - Subway Advertising in Manhattan

23 Below Media has been leading CityMD’s OOH advertising efforts since 2016. In 2017, CityMD had 13 sites in Northern NJ and approached us to create a dynamic OOH solution to generate brand awareness and drive traffic to their NJ sites.


Billboard advertising in New York - large billboard

To drive large in market awareness, we secured digital bulletins which provided coverage at key commuter choke points such as the Lincoln and Holland Tunnel. We identified and used units in proximity to each CityMD site to drive volume. Finally, the digital format allowed CityMD the flexibility to easily change creative to promote new branding initiatives, seasonal messages and any new openings in the market.


Taxi Top Advertising in New York City and Brooklyn

40% of new patients heard about CityMD through the OOH Campaign. Given this success, the campaign has been renewed year over year.