Shopping Mall Advertising

23 Below Media has been leading UNTUCKit’s Out-of-Home advertising efforts since 2015. In 2017, UNTUCKit opened 25 brick and mortar locations across 15 US markets. We were asked to develop an OOH campaign within individual store restrictive budgetary parameters to drive awareness and bring foot traffic to those new stores.


Advertising on the streets of NYC - Bus Shelters

We developed local store campaigns by using proximity based large format OOH inventory. We leveraged our relationships to secure added value media allowing us to maximize budgets. Where possible, we used digital formats allowing the flexibility to showcase UNTUCKit’s evolving clothing line.


Billboard advertising in San Francisco - on the 101

When the OOH campaigns were launched, the store managers saw an immediate increase in traffic driving sales volume. OOH media has become a key media component of UNTUCKit’s retail marketing plans. We continue to launch campaigns not only to support UNTUCKit’s new store openings but to maintain a market presence throughout the year. Currently, they have over 90 stores across the US.